My BPO Business Complaints – What Are The Advantages Of My BPO Business Jobs

BPO which means Business Process Outsourcing that entails management of customer relationship. BPO is a place for making and receiving calls. It can actually be outbound and inbound. In other words, it is identical to a help-desk where all the customer questions are solved. It is primarily a link between the company and the customers. Main target of BPO is satisfying the customers. Though BPO tasks are not directly IT-based, their data related orientation actually means that they need IT departmental support in order to be outsourced successfully. As a matter of fact, BPO is a worthwhile business line currently.

What are the jobs provided by BPO companies?

  • Jobs offered by BPO companies are;
  • Virtual assistance
  • Telemarketing
  • Web and application development
  • Data entry
  • Accounting tasks
  • SEO

Advantages of BPO jobs

The capacity is enormous and depends on the experience of people. There a number of advantages of BPO jobs. I have been in BPO Business for years and I can conclude that my BPO business has been quite beneficial. The following are some of the advantages;


In BPO reviews, people claim that such jobs are quite convenient in that you won’t be required to travel long distances or long hours in noisy buses or trains. Incredibly, a wonderful air conditioned taxi will pick you from your home.

Acquiring quick money

While you are fresh in a BPO business, you are likely to earn over 16k which is more money in comparison to the pocket money that is usually given by the parents of middle class. As a result, you will feel financially independent which is the aspiration of most people.

Rapid growth

The industry has experienced rapid growth from 2002. Currently it is on a rapid growth rate though it is better than most industries. That is an indication that chances of being promoted are very high.

Working shifts

You have an opportunity to work and study at the same time since you can have a night shift. This means that your brain and financial status as well.

Friendly working colleagues

In BPO jobs, you will interact with a number of friendly people. The environment is quite conducive. Of course, you can never regret your decision to take BPO jobs.


BPO jobs are quite brilliant, activity filled as well dynamic. People literally join young in order to acquire the first pay check. As a result, they eventually are using their time on people with similar interests. BPO Jobs is indeed a nesting place for relationships.

Not hard to indulge into one

You don’t need some sort of expertise in order to fit in. As a matter of fact, no academic or exams comparison. Incredibly, I practice BPO Business and so far there are no complaints against my BPO Business

Enhance a better understanding of the western culture

Understanding the western culture literally perfect your way of speaking.

What are some of the effects of BPO on work force?

It is important to know the impact of BPO on the work force lifestyle. In other words, it is good to establish the effect of working on a BPO industry. They include;

Introduction of the BPO sector in certain countries led to high number of young people both male and female ushered to improved life style with very big pay checks as well as great perks that entailed the very best of whatever was within reach. This has basically enhanced creation of a big workforce section which is characterized by western culture thus incompatible with an average worker`s lifestyle in the countries in which I was developed.

My BPO business complaints are based on the fact that the business only operates during the night in certain countries for instance Philippines and India as a result of the different time zone between the said countries and the United States. Disorderly sleep plus poor eating habits has enhanced the growth of a number of health problems. If the working force has to remain health and fit, they work in shifts in nigh time. As a matter of fact, a number of BPO`s ask for help from skilled medical personnel in order to assist their employees to adapt an appropriate work and life balance. This is to help them from burning faster.

In my BPO business reviews, it is pointed out that in BPO jobs; employees do work in chic offices where they spend a life similar to the westerns.

However, BPO sector, the workforce in most countries is quite professional and geared towards adopting a western nature. This is a great benefit that is associated with BPO sector. This is the kind of life many young men and women aspire to lead. Not to mention that they workforce is improving in skills and in value. In other words, the employees are equipped for world class works and challenges. They are very productive and can handle any type of challenge.

One of the reviews against my BPO business points out negative impact of the BPO sector without taking into account all the positive impact of the sector. The good side of BPO sector cannot be overlooked.





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