Changing Trends in the Pattern of Operation in Domestic BPO Projects

The trend of call canter working and approaches are changing with time. While call centers were not even in the scenario of corporate world even before a few decades, today it stands to be one of the most essential parts of your daily life style. Starting from your mobile network operator, to gas booking centers, online shopping portals to BSNL customer care unit, everywhere your life is linked with call centers and this is the reason why so many call center franchises is opening every day.

On an average estimation a call center receives something around 2.5 million calls every year, in BPO projects or international processes, and if even 5% of those calls remain unresolved, it counts to almost 125,000 customers being unsatisfied with your services. Now, that is undoubtedly a havoc loss.

Multi Channel Support

According to a study conducted by the American Express, almost 46% of the customers prefer speaking directly to a customer support agent to deal with my BPO business complaints, while 34% remains satisfied with customer care support via mails. However, as per the changing trends, customers like to avail multiple options when it comes to receiving customer care support.

  • Support via Social Media
  • Support via text message
  • Support through app
  • Support via email
  • Support direct over the telephone

Cloud Based Software

As per the reviews of my BPO business, even within the call centers, more than normal operation software, it is the cloud based software which is preferred more these days. It is owing to the absolute advantage of security of data, even if the software or system crashes.

Higher Level of Software

For providing high end customer support and to gain positive my BPO business reviews, you need to keep on upgrading your data through analytics and reporting functionalities in your operating software. This means using high tech software, offering you an edge over the competitive market, enabling you to get utmost customer information at your end.

Optimizing the self service options that offering the customers with multiple options of fetching information readily, without waiting in queue for an operator to be available over the call, is one of the latest trends. This has essentially minimized complaints of my BPO business as well. You get each option and a consecutive number to press to select the option and proceed with automated assistance. And thus you don’t need to wait for an agent to be able to talk to you.

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